People often ask me what are the new updates and changes they need to be insync as far as SEO goes for the new year. A lot of unnecessary buzz has been generated around “Fred” which is a Google update that happened in Fb of 2017.

Well here’s my 2 cents.
– Dont Panic. NOthing major has changed.If you have been doing good clean SEO, it still works.

Links from other credible sources that mention your website are still valuable today.
Quality of content and relevance has not taken priority over just backlinks unlike two to three years ago.


When I create supporting pages what should the url look like?
would it be better just to create a page on that same site and target that keyword or get a new EMD for that keyword and build a site around that?

Focus on citations, and quality content. Keyword stuffing is so 2011. Anchor texts should be branded or naked (, instead of exact match keyword.

As an example here is a Plumbing Wilmington website –

With good clean SEO this site has been crushing the SERPS.

If you check the backlinks for a site like or you will see what a good ratio of anchor text is.

Look forward to a detailed SEO report coming out next week.

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